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Everything You Need To Know about Fractures at Old Age

After a certain age, our bones tend to lose their strength. In turn, we are more prone to falls and fractures that follow. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the primary cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries. Besides, falling can cause traumatic brain injury and hip fractures too. These injuries can take a severe toll on an individual's self-confidence.

Falls may take place for different reasons. However, there are preventative measures for reducing falling risk and incurring severe injury. Taking these steps will ensure that you will remain safe and independent for the rest of your life.

According to a bone specialist, older adults may have life-threatening complications during or after undergoing surgery. These complications include infections, blood clots, and heart arrhythmia. For eliminating all these issues, you need to prevent fractures.

In this blog, we will discuss the activities you follow to prevent fractures. It will not only dispel the chances of fall, but it will also increase your self-reliance eventually. Let's delve deeper into the matter.

Maintain Bone Strength

Low bone density can increase the chance of hip fracture. Therefore, maintaining the same should be your utmost priority. You can discuss this with a bone specialist to get insights about the same. Learning about the problems initially will help you to avoid the later sequences as well. Osteoporosis screening will help you to make decisions. Further treatment will keep the bone strong and fracture-free.

However, having high fracture risks already caused by osteoporosis needs extra care. Make sure you are bending your knees while lifting any object. On top of that, also avoid any awkward movements related to uncoordinated activities and lifting objects.

Eat healthy for keeping bone healthy

Being older does not mean you should eat less eventually. Dropping the usual appetite would make things more complicated, as your body will get deprived of receiving the required nutrients. Staying active will help to increase the appetite. However, feeling that you cannot consume much once in a time, bifurcate it 2-3 small meals. Ultimately, it's pretty important to stick to a healthy and balanced diet.

Intake calcium-enriched foods, as it will help you to keep the teeth and bones healthy

Eat vitamin D incorporated food for absorbing the calcium

For muscle maintenance, protein is essential.

Eating a balanced diet will help you to maintain healthy body weight. Bear in mind; body overweight will increase the higher fracture risk.

Engage yourself in daily activities

Consistent activities will improve the overall flexibility and balance. You can either engross yourself in regular exercise or do something that will help your body stay fit and active. Activities like Yoga are the best option for relieving stress by flushing out the toxins from your body. Besides, this will also help ease muscle stiffness and instability.

Doing Yoga twice a week combining with moderate-intensity exercise will improve your overall strength, flexibility, and the stamina. Ask an expert for doing the same mellifluously.

Avoid sitting for a long time, or else you can take a walk for 20-30 minutes. It will ease the muscle tension, followed by reducing any kind of fracture in the future.

Moderate-intensity exercise will augment the heart rate, followed by making the heart rate faster to feel warm. Some of these exercises include-

Water aerobics


Line dancing

Playing tennis

Exercising while playing music


Create fall-proof home

Most of the fall cases are occurred by tripping and slipping accidentally. To avoid these kinds of things, ensure non-slip walking surfaces fall-proof accompany your entire home. Do these minor things-

Keep all the floor surfaces clean and dry.

Keep the room's clutter free. Make sure that the furniture is not creating hindrances.

Check the carpets have all the skid-proof backing.

Ensure all the stairwells are adequately lit along with sturdy handrails. You can add fluorescent tapes on the edges to avoid missteps.

Choose appropriate footwear

You may have your favorite pair of shoes. With time and acquaintances, it can wear out. Putting the same pair may have a bad result. On that note, supportive and low-heeled shoes would be the best ones for regular usage. You can consider purchasing two teams- one for the home and one for the outings.

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