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Never too late for Mental Immunity!

We are so much technically advanced that we have surrounded ourselves with luxuries to make our lives easy. Lack of regular exercises, hectic schedules, peer pressure and the easy availability of resources have together made life a tricky prospect, which has become concerning and vulnerable to ‘problems’ or in the professional word, ‘lifestyle disorders’. Unhealthy food, boozing, sleeping pattern were enough to take a toll on our physical health and then came the final jolt in the form of a deadly pandemic and countless lockdowns.

Everything came to a halt when the lockdown happened last year. People lost their jobs, many started working from home, and millions were left clueless and did not know what to expect. People from all walks of life were affected, be it a school going student, an office goer or a retired person. When removed from structured activities and confined to their homes, all of them displayed unfavorable lifestyle trends.

Some of the most common problems people are facing due to lack of attention are obesity, hypertension, diabetes, depression, heart disease and the list can be never ending if not checked timely.

Can a simple change in lifestyle help us? Yes. Not only help us, but it can also increase our life span to some years. Many studies have shown that if a person adopts and sustains healthy behaviors like eating healthy food, meditating, exercising and checking their sleep patterns, such a lifestyle will not only help them avoid countless disorders but also keep diseases like cancer, BP and more at bay.

The first and foremost way to avoid such disorders is to keep a close look on the food one intakes. One should always prefer a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds, and whole grains. Food is medicine and we need it to survive. A big NO should be said to junk food and anything else in excess.

At the end of the day, it is your move that counts!

To maintain a healthy body it is essential to have an active lifestyle. There are many forms of workouts available these days - from ruthlessly active Zumba classes to Yoga, swimming to gym there is a lot to offer. All you need is to pick the one that suits you and your pocket. A minimum of half an hour exercise five times a week is what can help one to build an active immune system.

If you are doing WFH or you have a job which demands long sitting hours then there are a few things to keep in mind-

-Take a break for a 15 mins walk in every 2 hours. One must avoid lifts as much as possible and take stairs. Always take a short walk after your meals.

-Regulate your stress!It is another root cause of many diseases. Stress is nothing but a result of overthinking about something that is not in our control. To keep oneself stress-free, one should read books - from motivational to inspirational, fiction to non-fiction. It however, depends completely on the person. If it does not work, help should be taken. Mental health is of utmost importance and should be looked after too. In these testing times when we are not sure of how and where this pandemic is taking us, it is easy to fall in the trap of negative thought, but through yoga and meditation one can keep a check on ones through process.

Smoking and drinking are considered a big fashion statement by the youth in the country these days, but they are the biggest enemies of healthy wellbeing. If these addictions are not checked or addressed timely, the results can be life threatening. Substance abuse has been romanticized since ages by generation, but it is time a second thought is given to the same.

It is of utmost important to take regular health checkups. Irregular medications can be hazardous. It is never too late to adopt good habits to avoid a lifetime of miseries.

These mental-health tips are shared by Dr. Sandeep Kapoor - A Gold medalist Orthopedics Consultant and surgeon from the best Orthopedics hospital in Lucknow,

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