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To treat a chronic bone disease visit a bone specialist in Lucknow

Bones give us structure, shape and support. It is a set of rigid tissues that makes up our skeletal system and protects our internal organs. Bone marrow produces blood cells, bone gives us strength and stores minerals like calcium. Moreover healthy bones contribute to our good health. Bone diseases can derange the healthy functionalities of our body.

Bone diseases can make our bones brittle and easily breakable. Types of bones disease that can affect our health are low bone density, osteoporosis, bone cancer, Paget’s bone disease, osteonecrosis, bone tumors, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout etc.

Genetics, age, lifestyle, occupation, environmental factors play key roles in bone disease. Constant intense physical work can contribute to bone disease. Deficiency of vitamin D is also another cause of it.

People involved in less physical activity can easily fracture their bones because of osteoporosis. Unhealthy eating habits, obesity can directly contribute as well.

Symptoms that may clearly indicate any bone diseases involve joint stiffness, mobility issues, stooped postures, bone pain even at rest, fatigue, swelling, constant morning stiffness, joint pain, etc. One shall not ignore these symptoms and seek medical help at the earliest. An early diagnosis can cure the disease or at least can prevent it from worsening. Diagnosis techniques involve physical examination like X-Ray, MRI, and ultrasound to detect the disease and root cause of it. It also helps to determine the acuteness of the condition.

Bones specialists in Lucknow are treating patients depending on the type of disease and severity of it. In case of rheumatoid arthritis medications are recommended to slow down the disease but for osteoarthritis surgical replacement is suggested.

For other chronic bone pain oral medication, ointments, and physical activity is also recommended since a sedentary lifestyle can complicate the condition.

So, if you notice any symptoms mentioned above or experience acute bone pain then it is better to consult with a bone specialist in Lucknow rather than neglecting it which will only make it worse.

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