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Your Knowhow To a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

People often relate a healthy lifestyle solely to physical fitness, which is not always the case. Being healthy doesn’t only mean being able to run a mile in an impressive time, or lifting massive amounts of weight. Health is never just about a body’s physicality, but also one’s mental health, emotional stability, and overall well-being.

A healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of falling ill, injuries or accidents, and early death drastically. Some of the most common illnesses such as heart diseases or lung cancer, and injuries like muscle inflammation, ligament tear, and hamstring pulls can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, helping you skipping your visit to the bone specialist. According to WHO, eating fruits and vegetables, monitoring your fat, sugar, and sodium intakes are primary ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Replacing fatty meat with green vegetables like lentils, beans, broccoli, and peas are just one of the many alternatives out there.

According to a health study conducted by the researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the following were the major categories on which a healthy lifestyle broadly depended on-

- A nutritious diet

- Regular physical activities

- A no-smoking lifestyle

- Moderate alcohol intake

A small change in your lifestyles, often termed by experts as ‘lifestyle-medicine’ can help you achieve wonders with your health. This small change could be a dietary change, exercising or physical activities, or stress management.

Here are just some of the many ways you can adopt to lead a healthy lifestyle:

Regular Exercising-

A regular habit of exercising with basic freehand movements and stretching can help your body in numerous ways. Improved eyesight, controlled blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, higher bone-density, moderate blood pressure are just some of the many benefits you can enjoy from exercising regularly. A walk in the park with your kids, a swing-aerobic class with your colleagues, biking to work are mere ten-minute activities that lead you to a. healthy and long life.

Choosing Greens Over Reds-

While the occasional meaty Sunday brunch is excusable, a healthier lifestyle demands more green vegetables in your diet. A minimum of five servings of vegetables in a day is an adequate number for starting a change in your diet. Any method of preparation, stir-fried, steamed, or raw is helpful to the body.

Surrounding Yourself with Positive People-

As much as personal satisfaction and happiness are important for a healthy lifestyle, choosing the right people you surround yourselves with is also equally important. The healthiest people are the ones who have healthy relationships with positive and hardworking people. If your circle includes people with unhealthy habits, it often becomes an uphill task to change yourself.

Exercising regularly, sleeping well, and making informed choices regarding your diet helps you lead a healthy life. Irrespective of where you are at your schedule, be it day one or day hundred of a healthy living, making smart choices is never a quick fix. It takes determination and perseverance, which prepares you for bigger battles too.

Here are some of the many benefits that you can experience when you choose a healthier life-

Better Sleep and Higher Energy Levels-

Relaxing is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. While the body is up for all kinds of physical activities during the day, a regularly followed sleep scheduled can work wonders for the body. Often erratic sleep patterns result in a day’s nausea, backaches, itchy eyes, and heightened stress. Doctors over the world have suggested meditation, controlled breathing, yoga are some sleep-inducing methods to ensure a sound, timely sleep.

Regular exercising and a balanced and nutritious diet enhance your sleeping patterns, thereby giving a good night’s rest. Your body uses this period to heal and grow at the same time. A well-rested body means a healthier mind, more stamina, and higher energy levels.

Lesser Prone to Accidental Injuries and Diseases-

A healthy lifestyle increases your immunity from deadly viruses and bacteria. Along with higher immunity, a healthy lifestyle is also responsible for a fit body. Regular physical activities coupled with healthy dietary plans increase physical strength, bone density, body balance, and awareness. A healthy body is always ready to fight off chronic diseases like kidney infections, heart problems, diabetes in the later years of life. Regular exercising also helps you stay away from muscle-related injuries like cramps, hamstring injuries, ligament tears, etc. sparing visits to physiologists and orthopedic doctors near you.

Better Mental Health-

According to WebMD, thinking and having a positive attitude does not have any downsides. A positive attitude is beneficial both physically and mentally. Some of the health benefits include, longer life-span, lower chances of heart attack, lower blood pressure and blood sugar level, better tolerance of pain, better stress management, and many more.

Just like a healthy body requires healthy inputs, healthy thoughts, positive thinking, eating healthy foods is required for a healthy mind. Exercising daily helps your produce endorphins. These are feel-good molecules that your brain produces giving you a feeling of accomplishment and excitement. According to studies published in Harvard Health Publishing, the medical publication of Harvard Medical School, healthy eating is responsible for boosting your mood and well-being. An organic-rich diet will leave you more positive and energized as opposed to a processed food diet that will leave you sluggish and tired.

This blog contains just some of the numerous ways you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and some of the benefits you gain from the same. A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthier mind, stronger muscles, denser bones, and an overall increase in your well-being. Leading doctors like Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, MS (Orthopedics) from Lucknow provides consultancy services and treatments to help you achieve a healthier, disease and injury free lifestyle.

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